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Personal and
Group Coaching



Having an RN as a Health Coach with expertise in behavior change can make all the difference to your success, whether you are receiving personal or group coaching. Both personal and group coaching allow you the opportunity to:

  • Explore the possibilities of the life you want.
  • Develop deeper levels of self-awareness for change and growth.
  • Develop a personalized plan where you decide what to work on and how and when things get accomplished.
  • Prepare your path for a new direction and resolve barriers to your success.
  • Choose how you will hold yourself accountable.
  • Experience your transformations and experiment with changes along your journey.
  • Celebrate your successes as you achieve your goals.


  • Suggested session frequency is 2 sessions per month (biweekly). This can be adjusted to meet your unique needs.
  • Session duration is typically 45 minutes, with the initial session being an hour.
  • Coaching sessions occur via videochat or by phone. In person coaching is available depending on your location.
  • Email support is provided during the time of your coaching commitment. Responses within 24 hours.
  • We’ll start with a complimentary get to know you call, which is a 15 minute phone call where I’ll learn about where you are in your life and what you want from coaching, and you learn if my philosophy and style meet your needs. During this call we can discuss coaching packages, frequency of visits, and any other questions you may have.

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In each session, you’ll join me and other like-minded individuals striving for better health and well-being, for compassionate, judgment-free coaching and conversations on a specific wellness topic. Group coaching will excite and motivate you to experience the change you desire:

  • Gain inspiration from others
  • Create community with like-minded individuals
  • Obtain ongoing support and networking
  • Receive additional accountability from other members in the group
  • A complimentary 15 minute get to know you call is included with group coaching to ensure this is a good fit for your needs. Group coaching sessions are available at your location. 

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The World Health Organization cites stress as “a global epidemic” and there is growing evidence that chronic stress promotes chronic inflammation, which is associated with heart disease, cancer, arthritis, metabolic diseases and neurodegenerative disorders.

Everyone feels stress sometimes. It’s a natural response to a challenge or demand. But when stress becomes chronic, it can harm your health because your body is constantly acting as if it were in immediate danger. What matters to your body and brain is how you respond to stress.

Join me in workshops that will positively affect your everyday living, topics include, but not limited to: mental health benefits of journaling, how gratitude rewires your brain to be happier, why self-care isn't selfish, and how healthy boundaries protect your time and energy. You’ll leave each workshop empowered so you can live your life in a way that supports your health and well-being.

Workshops are available at your location.

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Reiki is a method of healing that involves balancing and restoring the body’s natural energies for the purposes of increasing vitality, balancing emotions and improving health. It is an integrative approach in which practitioners place their hands lightly on or just above your fully clothed body with the goal of supporting and facilitating the person’s own healing response.

According to the National Center for Complementary Medicine and Alternative Medicine, people use Reiki for relaxation, stress reduction and symptom relief in efforts to improve overall health and well-being.

Reiki is used all over the world including in many hospitals and hospices, including the Cleveland Clinic, Dana- Farber Cancer Institute and the Mayo Clinic. It fits perfectly into the new paradigm of health emerging in Western medicine, a paradigm that includes mind/body awareness and disease prevention techniques.

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Angela will take the time to hear your story. She is a compassionate healthcare provider with the skills, education, and life experience to provide you with the opportunities to discover your direction and motivation while providing support and accountability along your wellness journey.

What People Are Saying...

  • Angela's health coaching skills were transformational for me as I recovered from a sports related injury.   I completely ruptured my Achilles Tendon, had surgery and was non weight bearing for nearly six weeks after surgery.  As I started to resume limited exercise and recover from the emotional and physical repercussions of this mobility limiting injury, I utilized the principles and the guidance from Angela’s consultations. I referenced my notes and rediscovered the guidance on mindfulness, body fitness, nutrition and notes as well as the goals I set related to my personal and professional development prior to my surgery.  I was able to resume my mindfulness practice and have been cautiously increasing the intensity of my fitness activities. Because of the coaching I had with Angela almost a year ago, I was able to step back into sustainable actions, consistency and once again am seeing measurable changes to my overall wellness during this long recovery period.  I highly recommend Angela as a health coach because almost a year later her clinical and coaching expertise had a lasting impact and continue to influence my ongoing wellness management. AMALE J.
  • As soon as I "met" Angela I enjoyed talking with her. She asked me the right questions, and provided tools along the way, to help me think of myself and my goals with new reflection, in order to progress towards achievement of those goals. Angela was able to help me, help myself, during times of stress and anxiety. Each session brought out a plan toward achieving my goals, piece by piece. PAM S.
  • Angela is a deeply compassionate and caring human... as an integrative Health Coach, her empathy and deep listening enable her to meet me where I am and hold my emotions and present state with such generosity and spaciousness. She is able to leverage her experience and skills to help me develop realistic and actionable steps to create the growth and change that I seek. In my coaching partnership with Angela I feel grounded and supported to live into who I want to be... a healthier, happier, more balanced and relaxed me. MELISSA G.
  • Angela did a fantastic job in getting me on track with my personal health plan. She listened to me in a caring and compassionate manner and provided reflective listening. I felt that my sessions with Angela were a teamwork approach that empowered me to be healthier with attainable goals I set for myself with her professional support. I still have my Wheel of Health posted on my wall as a reminder of the importance of self-care. Thank you Angela!! T. J.
  • As a business owner, mother of five, and caregiver for an elder parent, I desperately needed to bring more balance into my life. I am so grateful to Angela for providing me with mindfulness tools and strategies I can easily incorporate into my busy lifestyle, which I still use daily. Her compassion, empathy, and expertise on the subject matter shine through in her interactive approach to teaching and facilitating workshops. I highly recommend the services of "To Your Health Coaching"! ANGELA K.
  • A major life change was in my future and Angela gave me the tools to plan and prepare for that adjustment. Angela gave me insight into how communication with my partner could help me feel heard and approach planning without feeling like I was getting bogged down in the gritty details (that tend to make me procrastinate planning). I wanted to reduce my stress and negative thinking and bring mindfulness into everyday living. Because health coaching focuses on the present, in using the tools Angela gave me, I could reduce negative feelings (which were always backward-looking) and think about the present day. Much of wellness coaching reminded me of what I already knew. But Angela helped me acknowledge those issues and approach my goals in accountable and productive ways. MJH
  • As an RN with over thirty five years of experience, and having attended many workshops over the years, I can say that Angela’s workshop on “Keys to Protecting Your Time & Energy” was one of the best I have attended. She discussed how chronic stress affects our health, the importance of setting healthy boundaries, and how the brain’s negativity bias can hijack our thinking. Her wealth of knowledge, extensive education, and life experiences were shared and well integrated into the workshop. She created an environment where I felt safe to share, and my thoughts and experiences were valued.  The handouts were thought provoking, and contained material that I can use in my daily life. Angela’s passion, her dedication to lifelong learning and gentle positive energy warmed my heart and left me wanting to hear more. Thank you for being a bright light in so many people’s lives. Stephanie Elmo, RN